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About us

Although AutoTruckData offers data on SUV prices, Car prices, Light truck prices, and Van prices, AutoTruckData’s owner is not affiliated in any manner with any portion of the Automobile Industry and relies exclusively for its information by licensing national databases of automotive data. It is has no interest in buying, leasing, financing, or selling vehicles and is not connected with any automotive new car Dealer or organization.

AutoTruckData is especially strong by showing that it’s possible, for the same monthly lease payment, to drive either a $39,000 vehicle or a $30,000 vehicle.

Car monthly payment

It is solely an information provider to help consumers develop a car monthly payment plan or to supply information on evaluating new car lease payments or prices in order to arrive at an offer based on a low dealer profit. It uses databases from nationally recognized companies that furnish such data to lending and financing organizations.

AutoTruckData can show that it’s possible, for the same car monthly payment that Car A may have several thousand dollars more trade-in value than Car B.That’s money in your pocket at trade-in time.
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