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Tips for all drivers

If you're undecided whether to Lease or buy a car then save lots of money by leasing it first and then buying it at the end of the lease. Take advantage of the trouble in the Automotive industry (too many cars, not enough customers)

Find out where the money comes from when you lease a car, and use the auto lease residual value to get the answer. You'll be all the players in this game. Most car salesmen do not even know. Surprise: some of it might be yours, in your pension fund.

Here's where you can find out who determines the residual value of a car you might want to lease. Check out the Car residual value information on this fascinating information window.
It's not the dealer. It might be the manufacturer, but there are others for hire. See who they are.

If you intend to buy a car, especially a used one, look carefully at the Automotive timing belts that might be rubber, not a dependable steel chain type.
The ones with rubber timing belts can be financial blow if the timing belt ever breaks.

`Find out why the serpentine belt on the engine should not be ignored when you consider buying a car. Look first or it may cost you money.
Some cost a bundle to replace, others you can do yourself. It depends on the model car.

Be carful about towing a trailer 'cause it is not loaded right it could end up rolling the car and the trailer into the ditch
If the center of gravity of the load is behind the trailer's axle, danger is ahead.

Use this Auto loan calculator to find the monthly loan payment and also to get the estimated resale value.

Use this money factor to figure out how to calculate an auto lease.monthly payment.

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