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Automobile resale values

The display below shows how two different automobiles can be bought for almost identical monthly finance payments yet one has a lot more value at trade-in time than the other.

Yet the less expensive $18,375 Volkswagen's resale value could be worth $3,457 more after three years than the more expensive Pontiac. Note: Data is not necessarily current and is representative only.

AutoTruckData can help estimate these values that are money in your pocket when you trade in.

Knowing the automobile resale value of several car options, before you buy a car, can leave thousands of dollars in your pocket at trade-in time.

Car resale value knowledge can leave a lot of money in your pocket by picking the right car to buy. The sample window (not interactive) also shows all the automobiles that can be bought for a given monthly car payment.

By sorting by the ratio c olumn, you can pick any two vehicles for estimated trade in resale value comparison.

Because almost all cars are approaching parity in quality, it pays to use AutoTruckData program software and you may find another make that will save you a ton at tradein time

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Auto resale values

This comparison ability will usually lead to the conclusion that for the same monthly finance payment, one car's auto resale value may have several thousand dollars more trade-in value than the other at the end of a few years To compare the auto resale value based on a future full of new models and surprises may not be totally accurate. One way to check the trade-in value of different cars having similar monthly finance payments is to simply ask a dealer what the residual value might be in a given number of years, and then compare the two values as an estimate of trade-in

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