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Car resale value

The car resale value can be estimated for any car using this software. Input your monthly budget and how long you plan on owning the car and the software will identify, in about one second, every ca, Van, SUV, or Light truck sold in the United States. You can adjust the monthly payment to suit your budget.

The screen shot sample below shows a car comparison of all cars that may be purchased for a monthly payment of $504 plus or minus $25.00 (as shown) or any other monthly payment you input .

To get the estimated car resale value, multiply the MSRP by the number in the ratio coluimn.

The adjustable interest rate has been arbitrarily set to 4% and may be changed to suit your choice. The "Monthly payment", "Payment range", "Interest rate"and the "Term" can each be changed by clicking on the item. .

For example, a drop-down change box will change the monthly payment and instantly produce a new display to allow estimating other car resale values

The Ratio column in the table below is used to create a car comparison of the estimated future resale value to the current MSRP. It includes recognition of the the term, such as 3 years, 4 years, etc .

Not knowing the future used car resale value when buying a new car, can, compared to buying another car for the same monthly payment, cost a buyer several thousand more dollars at trade-in time. The display shows every car that can be bought for a monthly payment within the range shown and display can be changed to show cars, light trucks, Vans, or SUV's.

Knowing how much a new car might be worth in the future by first doing a car resale value comparison should be a vital part of the new car buying process.

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Car buying comparison

Here's how to do the buying comparisons on the program software.

  1. First sort the above table by the Ratio column in a decreasing series. This is done by the software with just a click on the top of the Ratio column.

  2. Then pick out any two Payment amounts that are reasonably identical but have as great a different in ratio as possible.
Automobile resale value. will show the surprising trade-in difference of any two cars having similar monthly loan finance payments. Car A may have $3,000 more trade-in value in three years than Car B due to less depreciation. Why buy Car B?

Auto loan calculations for a given car is the way to fine tune a purchase offer. Over ten items, highlighted in a yellow background, can be varied to suit dealer profit, various taxes, even the residual value to exactly match the quotation you may be analyzing.

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