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New car features

More Auto Truck Data horsepower
New car prices and options can be shown for every vehicle having that special option you specify among the choices, such as a Diesel engine.
Try this window and find every new car , van, light truck, or SUV that has that certain option.

Auto lease software lets you adjust all these financial components of a buy or lease offer.

  • The Selling price
  • The Personal property tax rate
  • The Sales tax rate
  • The sales tax amount if paid monthly or up-front
  • The Interest rate or money factor used to calculate the new car lease
  • The interest rate used in financing
  • The Down payment
  • The Trade-in amount
  • The Dealer rebate
  • The MSRP and monthly lease cost of added options
Car buying help will surprise you to find out that it's almost impossible to find any bank (or even a relative) who will lend you money at as low a price as the Cash back offer from the dealer.

Compare car features lets you identify every car, Van, SUV, or Light truck having a certain group of standard features
This is where you can find out which set of wheels has the 6.8 diesel engine or a moonroof or Navigation

List of car manufacturers shows every maker now offering vehicles for sale in the United States. You can locate any car by starting with its maker, then "drill down".
For those who are brand conscious, start here with your favorite maker, then drill down to all of its models (Cars, Vans, SUV's, or Light trucks) and then build an offer.

Articles cover lots of interesting auto related material for anyone who drives a car.

Get atdChoice. It's guaranteed

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