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Auto loan calculations

If you have trouble deciding on what to offer to buy a car or truck, this Auto Loan Calculations software shows you how to make a buy offer based on a percentage of the Dealer's cost.

This software does all of the calculations. You can vary an interest rate for the auto of your choice or any of the other items in yellow text, depending on the quote you may already have and the monthly loan payment is instantly readjusted.

Note: The values shown are not current and serve only as an example.

Start with this window to home in on an auto loan payment that fits your monthly budget.
If you're not sure what you can buy for a monthly loan payment, this next window will do the calculations for you. Just input your monthly budget amount for a car, light truck, van, or suv; adjust the term for 2 to 5 years, and select cars, light trucks, Vans, or SUV's and let the software calculations identify every new auto available in the United States for the monthly loan payment you specified.

Form 20 Screen Shot

Dealer cost of vehicle

All of the items with a yellow background on this calculator software can be altered to suit the immediate situation, including the dealer invoice cost. You may find that it can vary geograhically and may need a little adjustment from the amount shown.. Then use the built-in calculations to arrive at a low cost offer. To check on available incentives and dealer rebates that are often not disclosed and that can change almost weekly, click on "Links" in the top graphic and go to "Incentives" for the very latest amounts.

See a sample of basing your purchase offer on the dealer profit percentage. This window shows you a set of purchase prices based on the dealer profit as a percentage of his cost. Many in the industry suggest 3% profit as a good offer. You could also make your offer based on a monthly loan payment, and this would temporarily stump the average salesperson who would have difficulty figuring out the equivalent vehicle sale price and profit based on his invoice cost.

Note: Windows on pages on this web site are images only and are interactive only on downloaded program software.

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