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The premier software program when planning to lease or purchase a car.

  • How to find cars to lease or purchase for a given monthly budget.
  • How to search for cars by category: Sedan, Van, SUV, or Light truck
  • How to find cars having a certain feature or special option.
  • and...
  • How to structure a lease offer based on the Dealer’s profit.
  • Note: AutoTruckData does not solicit quotations from Dealers.. This software program provides information only to make consumers more knowledgeable and thereby minimize their car cost in dealing directly with Dealers.
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    The Auto Finance Payments calculator

    If you're puzzled about knowing the dealer's profit, then this software will be the place to get the answer.

    This window shows the dealer profit for buying a new auto based on the dealer invoice for a specific new car...

    The dealer profit for this particular car came from this preceding calculator window.
    Pick any car displayed in this preceding window and build a finance payment offer. Then use its top menu bar to call this display for dealer profit.You can adjust the interest rate, term, sales tax, incentives, and just about every factor contributing to your finance offer, including what you want to allow for the dealer's profit. Experts who supply tips on how to finance a new auto often suggest an initial offer of a monthly payment that will provide a dealer profit of 3%.
    Form 4 Screen Shot

    Actual dealer cost

    The actual dealer cost can vary with what is known in the industry as the "Holdback". For details on this term try the Internet for many, many explanations. Knowing all about these tips and the "holdback" oncept could save you as much as 3% of the dealer cost of the auto when buying it. Automotive links Bookmark this page as this list grows monthly. These additional web sites offer on-line buying opportunites for related items or for comparison shopping.

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