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Lease a car or truck

If you have trouble deciding on what to offer to lease a car or truck, this software will do the job.

It allows you to tweak (adjust) all the items in yellow text and finally to even base your offer on a Dealer profit percentage. All the items with a yellow background can be tweaked to arrive at a low lease for a car or a light truck with a dealer profit to suit your budget. You can even use an interest rate or a money factor, depending on the type of car, truck, Van, or SUV quote you may already have..

You do not have to log on to the Internet every time, and wait for a connection, to use the lease builder because It's already on your PC when you purchase the Autotruckdata software package. It's included at no extra charge.

To see the lease builder Window and all of its adjustable values, just click on the window image at the right

Buy a car by monthly payment
Find any vehicle available for a given monthly finance

Discover the car with the highest MSRP vs lease.
For the same monthly payment you can always find
a more expensive car than you thought was possible
Why not drive the best?

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Adjustable items
Trade-in (estimate)
Down payment
Dealer rebate
Factory incentive
Title fee
Registration fee
Acquisition fee
Residual amount
Interest rate or
  money factor
Selling price
Dealer cost
Sales tax rate
Pers. Prop. tax rate
User tax rate
Lease term
Sales tax paid:
  monthly or up-front
Add or subtact
  extra cost options
Luxury tax, if due

Lease calculator software

Start with this window to home in on a vehicle that fits your monthly budget.
If you're not sure what you can lease for a monthly payment, this next window will do the job for you. Just input your monthly budget amount for a car, light truck, van, or suv; adjust the term for 2 to 5 years, and select cars, light trucks, Vans, or SUV's and see every one available in the United States.

Continual improvement
Lease Builder is continually improved, both by internal advances and user input, which is always welcome and encouraged. It is unique and guaranteed.

Free help available. Contact us by email.
If you can't find all your anwers in the extensive Help file included with Autotruckdata, send us an email with as much detail as possible. We will reply promptly and if necessary, modify the software for what we overlooked and replace it for free along with a thank you.

You don't need a user manual for this software.
AutoTruckData is totally intuitive so that a user manual is not even included. To create a lease, AutotTruckdata will intuitively guide you through three or four windows to focus on either the model of your choice or another one that you didn’t know was available, for the same monthly payment, and may have more features than you expected.

Find every vehicle or any given monthly lease payment.
Select the manufacturer, Model, and Model number and home in right away on the vehicle of your choice.

How to lease the most expensive vehicle for any given monthly lease payment
Before creating a lease offer you can compare any two vehicles (Sedans, Light trucks, vans,or SUV's) for a given monthly payment and then pick the highest MSRP? It's always possible to drive a more expensive car than you were aware of. Why not always lease the most expensive vehicle for your budget?

Why is the Lease builder superior?

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