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  • How to structure a lease offer based on the Dealer’s profit.
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    Lease vs buy analyses

    Question: How best to minimize long-term car ownership.<

    Simply put…lease it now, buy it later.

    If you're not sure whether to lease or buy a car, then the answer is simple: analysis isn't necessary as long as cars are a glut on the market.

    If you want to own a car for the least possible price and dread doing a lease vs buy analysis full of "what if" and lots of mathematics and suppositions, don't buy the car; lease it then buy it later and save a lot of money. As long as car production is greater than consumption, and big discounts are available for several years to come, just read the market trends and lease it first.

    How to get started....find a monthly auto lease to fit your budget

    This window will allow you to search and identify every new auto sold in the United States. After you lease it, then near the end of the lease, start cruising the used car lots and notice the asking price for similar models as the one you have leased.

    Then compare the asking price on the used car lot with the residual value in your lease contract. The residual value may be larger than the asking price for a similar model on the used car lot. That means that the company owning your leased car will have to sell it at a loss when you turn it in. Now you put in the knife.
    From your dealer, get the phone number of the company that owns the car you leased. Call them and offer to buy your leased car for the asking price on the used car lot less about 10% at least. If they object, point out that they will have to sell the car at a loss becasue the residual value is more than what the car is worth on the used car lot. They know that, but hate to admit it.

    Auto resale value

    A true-life example:
    A business friend of mine had a three-year-old leased car with a contract residual value of $28,000. Looking at the used car lot he found he could buy one just like it for $24,000. He assumed the company that financed the lease would loose at least $2,000 in selling it for less than the contracted residual value. Through the dealer he offered $22,000 to buy the car as is and his offer was promptly accepted, including 3%, 3 year financing. His dealings, all by phone (no face to face negotiations needed) were with the company financing the lease
    In the past, auto manufacturers moved cars by subsidizing leases. Without getting into the math, the monthly lease cost was lowered by increasing the residual value, which lowered th monthly lease payment, thereby selling (leasing) more cars. But the value of the vehicle at the end of the lease was almost always less than the contracted residual and each of the off-lease cars then had to be sold in the wholesale market at a loss of several thousand dollars.
    Some of the big backers of lease financing, Chrysler, some New York banks, and others, each lost several hundred million dollars in each of the past two or three years because they had to sell the off-lease cars on the open market for less than the residual value. Therefore the lease vs buy decision is moot, and as long as manufacturers are subsidizing leases because they have too many cars to sell, a one-time opportunity is present, namely:, lease it now and buy it at at a discount the end of the lease.
    Having to make a lease vs buy decision is no longer necessary as long as supply exceeds demand and the old reules for an auto resale value are now dictated by a surplus of supply.
    Compounding the problem for the heavily unionized manufacturers is that their labor contracts are so juicy that those auto manufacturers are better off continuing to give away cars rather than to close a plant and pay unaffordable health and welfare and pension benefits to laid off employees.
    This situation will not change for several years until consolidation, plant closings, or bankruptcies have cured the problem. until the. Plant closings will be a last resort. Therefore the glut of new cars will likely continue for a few years. Now is the prime time to consider taking advanatge of a declining resale value of most autos.
    And the subsidized lease will continue to be offered.
    By initially leasing a car, the maker is essentially offering a price that can’t be beat. It may actually approach or be lower than the “employee cost” widely advertised. Then buy the auto at the end of the lease.
    At the end of the lease the company financially backing the lease most likely will sell the auto on the open market at a loss. Why not intervene at that point and buy the car for less than the residual value and put that “loss” into your pocket as money saved?
    So lease the car of your dreams today if you ultimately want to buy it. Let the companies financing the lease continue to subsidize your monthly lease payment. About three months before the end of the lease, cruise the used car lots and notice what your car is being offered at and then buy the car (no commissions paid to anyone on this transaction) at the end of the lease and keep several l thousand dollars in your pocket.
    If you still want to shop around, try either of this window for every auto available that you can buy for a given monthly cost.
  • Find every auto that can be purchased for that amount +/- a few dollars..This window will allow you to search and identify every new auto sold in the United States, including Vans, SUV's and light trucks.
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