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Vehicle residual value

Analyzing relative auto residual values in Lease calculations shows that a $30,450 Toyota can be leased for the same monthly payment as the lower cost $24,070 Dodge.

In fact, the more expensive Toyota costs less/month than the Dodge in using our relative auto residual value

Note: Data is not necessarily current and is representative only.

Calculate lease payments is the wizard that displays every vehicle for any given monthly lease payment input. The choices below were picked form this window.

Use this proprietary vehicle residual value analyses to identify the most expensive vehicle for the monthly lease payment you specified. The software handles Sedans, Vans, SUV's and Light truck categories individually and you can adjust the monthly payment to suit your budget.

Vehicle residual  value

Auto residual value

The bar chart above graphically illustrates that for any auto lease payment value you can
always drive a more expensive car, or light truck, or Van, or SUV, than otherwise would be the case.
Why not always drive the more expensive of two choices?

Get atdChoice. It's guaranteed

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